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Presidentís Report September 01, 2019


You all should have received Jon Walkerís email on Thursday, August 29th. As you read the $25 per year dues increase went into effect as of that date. No grace period and no opportunity to purchase additional years of membership under the old rates. As I wrote in my August Report, the Kansas Twisters were vehemently opposed to this dues increase. The agenda for the Governing Board Meeting had a line item for a $2 per year dues increase and we did not see the need for that amount either. What is done is done!


We are now entering the final days of the 2019 rving season for the Kansas Twisters. To say that the fates have not been kind to us would be an understatement, but it affected everyone equally. We will be talking about the rving season of 2019 for years to come. It is now time to pay your dues for the 2020 Kansas Twisters rv season. 2020 cannot be worse than 2019 under any circumstances. I would ask that everyone pay their dues to Wanda before September 30th. If you decide not to rejoin us for 2020, please send a simple email advising us of such decision. I promise that we will not ask you for your reason for not rejoining the Kansas Twisters and we will not try to twist your arm. If, per chance, we do not receive the required number of renewals by the end of September your dues payment will be refunded in full.


To comply with our Bylaws, I am announcing that we will hold a business meeting at the October Rally in Halstead. One agenda item, if needed, will be a discussion of the future of the Kansas Twisters Chapter.


Please keep trying to recruit new members from your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Note that to join the FMCA it is now $85 for the first year of membership and $75 per year thereafter.


Call me or email me at any time.

David Marlowe

Kansas Twisters President & National Director



President:                                    David Marlowe, Linwood, KS
Vice President/Rally Master:    Wanda  Ryel, Sedgwick, KS
Secretary:                                    Loretta Marlowe, Linwood, KS
Treasurer:                                   Rod Ryel, Sedgwick, KS
National Director:                      David Marlowe, Linwood, KS
Alt. Natíl Dir:
Committees:    Cards:   Alice Elkins, Emporia, KS
Chaplain:  Alice Elkins, Emporia, KS                       
                            Webmaster & Pocket Directory:  Loretta Marlowe, Linwood, KS
Nominating Committee:
                                                  Richard Vester,  Loretta Marlowe, and Wanda Ryel

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